Becoming Your Child’s CNA

Becoming Your Child’s CNA

Parents must often make the tough decision between going to work to support their families and staying home to care of a child with complex health conditions. If you are like most parents, you would rather stay home to take care of your child, but your family relies on your income to cover the cost of living along with medical bills.

You might be glad to know that Medicaid now encourages parents to become paid caregivers for their children. In fact, Colorado has a parent Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) program that allows parents to receive pay for caring for their children with complex health issues. This program helps parents provide the care and the financial stability their family needs.

While the process of becoming your child’s CNA does take preparation and training, it does lead to a practical solution to an otherwise challenging situation.

How to Become Your Child’s CNA

Check Your Child’s Eligibility for Colorado’s Medicaid Program

To qualify, your child must be eligible for Colorado’s Medicaid program, known as Health First Colorado. You can check your child’s eligibility and apply for benefits at Colorado Peak.

Check Your Child’s Eligibility for CNA Services

Your child must also qualify for CNA services. To determine if your child qualifies, a home health agency of your choosing must perform an assessment using a Pediatric Assessment Tool.

Become a CNA in the State of Colorado

Complete a nurse-aide program. This training helps you provide the best care possible to your child, and to the rest of your family.

Get Hired by a Home Health Agency

To work as a paid CNA for a child, a parent must be hired by a nursing home or home health agency and work under the oversight of a supervisory agency nurse. A parent may work a six-hour day, seven days a week, performing medical and non-medical tasks that can include administering medications, range-of-motion exercises, bathing, feeding, skilled transfers and assisting with activities of daily living.

For more information about becoming your child’s CNA, contact About Kids Home Health Care. We understand the struggles and the importance of taking care of a child with complex health conditions, so we offer Parent CNA and Caregiver Programs that train you to take care of your child – or an adult loved one. About Kids Home Health Care also offers assessments using state-based tools, therapy services and skilled nursing for both adult and pediatric patients.


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