Parent CNA Programs in Colorado Springs

Our specialty here at About Kids and Adults too is our parent CNA program. Don’t let the name fool you, guardians, family members, or caring friends can be trained to care for your loved one with special needs of all ages. We know the struggles and how much it can mean to be able to care for a loved one amongst the daily trials, long hours, and multiple doctor’s appointments. We strive to make the process of joining our team as easy and seamless as possible as we are passionate about this program. Your loved one may qualify for a skilled certified nursing assistant if they need assistance or cannot perform independently any activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming, toileting/incontinence care, transfers, or repositioning.
Furthermore, if your loved one has any need for durable medical equipment, things such as: SMOs, AFOs, walkers, canes, oxygen, nebulizers, wheelchairs, hospital bed, shower chair, CPT vest, cough assist, g-tubes, and feeding pumps, then we can help. If in doubt, reach out! We care about our community and are eager to be able to assist you. All CNA’s are supervised by dedicated, passionate nurses who care about the wellbeing of our patients as well as their families and loved ones.

Curious about the CNA Process

We start with an Assessment, this lets us learn more about our potential client and their needs using State-Based tools to determine the number of hours a day for which your loved one may qualify. 

Using this data, we then build a plan of care that includes diagnoses, medications and allergies, orders for care, and interventions for the CNA. This plan of care is then submitted to the State and your physician for approval. Once care is approved, we can then either send your loved one to school or send an already licensed professional out to meet you and being providing focused, courteous, dignified care.